Keep Your Brand Right In The Face Of your Customers

Corporate Gift Ideas

Bright  White Porcelain Mugs

Top quality AA grade 10oz Mugs, guaranteed Dishwasher and microwave safe.

Box of 36 @ £3.00 = £108

Box of 72 @ £2.75 = £198

Box of 108 @ £2.25 = £243


48 Hour Turnaround From Time Off Order

Just supply your logo we will do the rest.

More Than Just A Mug

According to a study undertaken by Alterra Coffee Roasters of Millwaukee, Almost 90% of office staff drink coffee during their working week. The average person knocks back three cups per day, that’s a fair amount of time your promotional mug could literally be right in the face of your customers.


No Logo, No Problem

For just £65 we will create a distinctive logo that professionally represents you and your business.