Doctor Sheldon Cooper Bazinga Mug, Big Bang Theory Gift Mug (M006)


Sheldon Cooper Bazinga Mug inspired by The hit TV Show The Big Bang Theory.

  • DURABILITY: Grade AA Large Handle Mug, Dishwasher and Microwave safe.
  • HIGH QUALITY PRINTS EVERY TIME: All our mugs are printed at 300dpi resulting in sharp colorful images.
  • PRINTED ON BOTH SIDES: So it doesn't matter if your a lefty or a righty, the mug is always going to look great.
  • WHAT YOU'LL RECEIVE: You will receive one 10oz ceramic Doctor Sheldon Cooper Bazinga Mug
  • DELIVERY: Free UK Delivery on this item.


Doctor Sheldon Cooper Big Bang Theory Bazinga Mug

Bazinga (spelled “Buzzinga” in the subtitles of DVD releases) is a word used by Sheldon Cooper to signal that what he said immediately before this utterance was to be taken as a joke. It’s used by the writers when they can’t figure out a punchline for a joke, so they just let Sheldon say “Bazinga” and cue the laugh track.
The word “Bazinga” was first used in the season 2 season finale, “The Monopolar Expedition” and last in Season 8 episode 15, “The Comic Book Store Regeneration”. (Seasons 6 and 7 are devoid of it.) By this time Sheldon has developed a mediocre sense of humor and instead uses a peculiar form of laughter instead – both literally and sarcastically. (src)