Stromberg Shipping Lines Atlantis Mug | James Bond


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Stromberg Shipping Lines Atlantis Mug | James Bond

Stromberg Shipping Lines is a shipping company founded and owned by the webbed-fingered entrepreneur, Karl Stromberg. It is featured in the 1977 James Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me and its accompanying novelization. This company was used to transport oil and cargo by ship from one country to another. Besides shipping, it was also Stromberg’s way of conducting his evil plans.

Stromberg Shipping Lines is run by Karl Stromberg at his submersible headquarters Atlantis. It is one of the world’s richest shipping companies, transporting oil and other cargo in large ships, but it’s not just transporting Stromberg uses it for.
At the MI6 headquarters in Egypt, Bond, Anya Amasova and Q notice the company logo on the submarine tracking system. The logo of the company is a fat puffer fish. Bond & Anya are sent to Sardinia to investigate Stromberg, posing as a marine biologist and his wife, to learn more about the shipping magnate.

While Bond has a meeting with him, Naomi (Stromberg’s assistant) is showing Anya a model of the latest and greatest edition to the Stromberg Shipping Lines, the Liparus which weighs 1,000,000 tons making it the largest supertanker in the world, after soviet tanker Karl Marx. Bond notices the strange design of bows and later finds out with the help of M that it hasn’t visited a port during its entire time at sea.

The logo is not just on Stromberg’s tankers. It is also on the front of Atlantis, his helicopters and the captain and crew of the Liparus wear it on their uniforms. The Liparus was the only tanker shown out of the Stromberg Shipping Lines, but another model of a much smaller tanker can be seen in Atlantis, but the name is unknown.(Src)